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These craftsman style windows are the most comprehensive, parametric, and consistent set of windows you will ever find for Revit! They incorporate over 4 years’ worth of feedback from thousands of users from all realms of the design and construction industry. With these 26 windows and 11 nested trim and mullion families, you will no longer need to spend your time building or searching for subpar window families. These windows function well and look great in plan, elevation, and 3D.  They will save you time and headache on every project.

We also try to price them so that anyone can afford them.  $85 for 37 models comes out to $2.30 per family.  That’s less than the hourly cost you would pay yourself or a drafter to search for a less worthy free family!

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This is the most comprehensive, parametric, and consistent set of residential window families you will ever find for Revit!  Here’s why:

  • They incorporate over 4 years’ worth of feedback from thousands of users
  • Download comes with 37 unique families and nested families
  • That’s only $2.30 Per Family!
  • 26 Highly Parametric Window Families:
    • Awning
    • Double Hung
    • Slider
    • Casement
    • Double Casement
    • Folding
    • Double Folding
    • Fixed
    • Arched Fixed
    • Elliptical Fixed
    • Circular Fixed
    • Semi-Circular Fixed
    • Skylight
    • 4 Window Group Families
    • 5 Window Group Families w Single Transom
    • 4 Window Group Families w Multiple Transoms
  • 8 Nested Window Trim Families
  • 3 Nested Window Mullion Families
  • 10 Revit Materials
  • Crazy Parametric:
    • Window Height, Width, & Thickness
    • Control Interior & Exterior Trim Separately
    • Trim Depth & Width
    • Trim Visibility
    • Window, Trim, & Hardware Materials
    • Elevation Symbol Visibility
    • Mullion Visibility
    • Mullions Added Parametrically As Window Grows
    • Change Window Mullion Style
    • Change Trim Style
    • Adjustable Arch Height
  • Professionally Built & Look Correct in Elevation, Plan, and 3D
  • Grouped Window families can be scheduled and tagged as one window or multiple windows
  • Includes smart window tag
  • Uses Revit Family Type Catalogs to Save Files Space & Time Making Mass Changes
  • Uses Nested Families So Items Such As Trim Are Easily Switched Out
  • These Families Coordinate With Other Revit Families Sold By RevitFamily.Biz. This style coordinates with the Craftsman Doors
  • Also included are the material images & Revit file with window types & nested families.

ZIP file containing:
.RFA files (Revit Family Files)
.RVT Example Project File
.txt Type Catalog Files
Material Image Files
.PDF Readme File
.PDF End User License Agreement

This download comes with a single user, commercial license.  Volume commercial and educational licenses can also be purchased at a heavily discounted rate by contacting us.

  • By downloading and using these families you agree to the terms of the license agreement
  • Your purchase of these families gives the right to use them on one workstations for any project in which the purchasing entity/person is involved
  • You shall not distribute or grant access to the families to anyone other than employees of purchasing entity
  • Those to whom you distribute the families may not use the families for any other purpose than work done under the purchasing entity
  • You shall inform all those using the families of the terms of this license
  • You may copy the purchased files only once for backup purposes
  • You shall, to the best of your abilities protect the purchased families from being distributed and misused
  • You may not:
    • Modify or create any derivative works of the Licensed Revit families or documentation to the purchased Revit families
    • Reverse engineer, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code or modeling conventions for the Product
    • Redistribute, encumber, sell, rent, lease, sublicense, or otherwise transfer rights to the Licensed Revit families
    • Remove or alter any trademark, logo, copyright or other proprietary notices, legends, symbols or labels in the Product
    • Publish any Revit project files containing the Licensed Revit families without WC LLC’s prior written consent.

These models are compatible with all versions of Revit 2017 and newer.
These models are in imperial units by default but come with alternate metric-type catalogs so that they can be easily used in metric projects.
What You Get:
.ZIP file containing:

  • .RFA files (Revit Family Files)
  • .RVT Example Project File
  • .txt Type Catalog Files (Both Metric and Imperial)
  • Material Image Files
  • .PDF Readme File
  • .PDF End User License Agreement


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